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#001 - Iriba 500 GPD Treatment System

Voltage : 220v

Plug : 2 pin plug

Filter : PP+UDF+RO+T33

Purified capacity : 83L/H

N.B It’s able to satisfy a population of 300 people in an hour


#002 - Iriba Water Pot purifier

Purified capacity : 12lts/H<4>

ceramic filter :

Activated carbon :

Mineral stones

Manuel filter doesn’t need power

pure mineral drinking water


#003 - Iriba 6-stage water treatment system.

output : 24v

Plug : 3 pin plug

Filter : PP+UDF+RO+T33

Purified capacity : 62.5L/H

N.B : It satifies a population of 60 people per hour.


#004 - Iriba Big Water Vending Machine

Functions :
1. Waterproof carbon steel cabinets, the front door open design, safely and health, durable and easy installation.

2. Advanced RO purification techniques, nine levels effective water treatment, the water quality accord with the national standards.

3. Intelligent coin and induction IC card self service techniques.

4. Airtight filling+ High concentrations of Ozone sterilization, eliminate the secondary pollution completely.

5. 24 hour uninterrupted UV sterilization, guarantee the water quality.

6. Filling room has the light, so the user can check any impurities in the water directly.

7. Light box and light inspection can be controlled by the photosensitive save the electricity costs.

8. The powerful pre-treatment, also can do the backwash for the filters to reduce the cost.

9. Automatic coin give changer


#005 - Iriba Whole filter Vending Machine

Voltage : 220v

Plug : 3 pin plug

Filter : PP+UDF+RO+T33

Purified capacity  : 62.5L/H

Heating power : 550w

Cooling power : 90w

Hot tank capacity : 10.5- 20.5L

Cold tank capacity : 30.5 35.0L

Heating capacity : 20L/H(85-95℃)

Cooling capacity : 15-20L/H(10-20℃)

Working temperature : 5-38℃


#006 - Iriba Home Cartrige Tap Water Filter

Item Descriptions and Benefits

Type : 9-Stage Home Cartridge Ceramic Faucet Tap Water Filter.

Size : 115 x 140 x 60mm
Remarks : 8 super-filtration ; imported filter, to remove impurities, sediment, harmful bacteria ; improve the taste.

Lifespan 1440 Liters before replacement

Suitable for household and other drinking water consumption !

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