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Pacis Plaza Building, KG 11 Ave in Remera / Kigali City
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Mon - Sat : 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

About Us


IRIBA Water Group exists to provide, affordable safe drinking water for every Rwandan, regardless of their socioeconomic background or geographical reach. We began our work in 2017 under the leadership of CEO and Founder Yvette Ishimwe. After moving from Kigali (the capital city) to a rural area of eastern Rwanda with her family, Yvette witnessed firsthand the burden women and children bear in getting water to their homes and wanted to do something to improve their livelihoods. With a background in Business Management and a passion for entrepreneurship, Yvette founded IRIBA Water Group, knowing that an innovative business solution is exactly what this rural community needed to solve the challenges they were facing in establishing the infrastructure they needed, for their population to have access to clean water.

After surveying the needs of the community and the available types of solutions, Yvette worked hand-in-hand with the local leaders to build a solar water pump in a deep valley which now supplies over 4,000 households with the water they need to survive each day. She turned this into a creative business model through which community members pay a very affordable amount to access this water and in turn she has employed people from the local area to supervise water points throughout the region, also creating more jobs in the area.

Spurred by on by this initial success, IRIBA has grown rapidly in the last two years to now be a sustainable business and social enterprise with many types of clean water solutions. In addition to still bringing water solutions to rural areas, IRIBA is also now implementing water solutions in urban areas through establishing drinking water kiosks in crowded public areas, a new innovation in Rwanda which has been very successful. We also supply top quality water filtration and treatment systems in homes, schools, and businesses. IRIBA is continuing to grow and expand our clientele as we provide solutions to meet different populations’ needs and we look forward to the day when every Rwandan has access to affordable, clean water. Because, where there is no water, there is no life.

Our values

- We reach our goals
- We make a difference
- We challenge ourselves
- We ensure efficiency
- We ensure reliability

Our Mission

We envision becoming the global leader in water treatment technologies and services.