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We are a social enterprise offering innovative water solutions to communities, institutions, homes, and individuals. 


Our team works around the clock to provide sustainable solutions for everyone including vulnerable communities in Rwanda and neighboring countries to easily access affordable, clean and safe water.


A world where everyone has easy access to affordable, clean and safe drinking water.



To become a global leader in providing innovative and sustainable solutions, addressing the scarcity of affordable, clean and safe drinking water to all communities in need.


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Our Services

IRIBA for Rural Communities

IRIBA for Urban Communities

IRIBA for Schools

IRIBA Water Filters

We install solar-powered pumps in hard-to-reach valleys and also build and rehabilitate boreholes. We purify the pumped water which is guaranteed to be 100% safe for drinking and up to WHO (World Health Organisation) standards. This package is designed for lower-income rural and peri-urban communities with no access to safe water for drinking and home-use. We distribute water at a socially responsible price through water kiosks which are managed and operated by our franchisees, hence creating more decent jobs for community members. ​

Through IRIBA Tap and Drink innovation, We install eco-friendly water ATMs and kiosks for public drinking water points in urban and peri-urban low earning communities. Particularly, in crowded areas such as markets, public car parking stations, etc. To facilitate low-income earners to access affordable safe drinking water easily. Consumers use reusable water bottles and glasses to avoid disposable plastic bottles and sachets. 

Through our special 'lease-to-own model', we make it possible and very easy for schools to have safe drinking water for their students and teachers. We install customized water purification machines to fit each school’s needs and resources. With this model, all students and teachers are guaranteed 100% reliable, safe and clean drinking water at all times.

IRIBA WASH Ambassadors

For schools enrolled in IRIBA FOR SCHOOLS program, we provide free WASH training under students’ clubs named IRIBA WASH Ambassadors. Through these clubs, we provide training to students about WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) best practices they should adopt. 

We offer a wide range of water filters for households, corporate offices, commercial, industrial and community use. We provide installation and maintenance services to our clients.

All our water filters are guaranteed to be of very High-quality, Durable, Affordable and Customized to fit your needs.

Continually boiling water or buying bottled drinking water is not only expensive, but also has negative consequences for the environment. This is why we sell treatment systems (filters and dispenses) designed for larger institutions like businesses, hospitals, corporate offices, etc.

To save your money and the planet, IRIBA Water Filters is exactly what you need.


Our Footprint


People with improved Health


Schools using Iriba filters


Corporate offices and factories using our filters


Urban Water ATMs (Franchises)


Decent jobs created


Total filters supplied



Avoided emissions



Our Impact through SDGs

Through our work, we contribute towards achieving 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

We create innovative solutions to ensure affordable and easy access to safe drinking water for all.

We believe that when people drink and use safe, clean water, their health and well-being thrive.

Fighting climate change is vital for a sustainable economy. IRIBA strives to create cleaner and more efficient water solutions.

We impact students through improved access to safe drinking water, WASH training. Hence, they can stay healthy and flourish in their studies.

Through our full-time roles and franchising contracts,  IRIBA creates decent jobs for economic growth.


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